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About Min ansökan
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Accessibility and security

About Min ansökan

Question: What authority stands behind Min ansökan?
Answer: Tillväxtverket, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

Question: How do I know if my submitted application is received?
Answer: In the view My Applications the submitted application is in status Sent.

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Question: How do I create an user account?
Answer: The user account registration is in Swedish.
Most web browsers automatically translates the content.
If not, follow the list bellow (Glossary).

Registrera konto
Account registration

Aktivera ditt konto
Activate your account

För att aktivera ditt konto behöver du bekräfta din epostadress. För att aktivera din epostadress klicka på följande länk.
To activate your account, you need to confirm your email address. To activate your email address, click on the following link.

Bekräfta epostadress
Confirm Email Address

Registreringen misslyckades
Registration failed

Lösenorden är inte lika
Passwords are not equal

Du måste bekräfta lösenordet
You must confirm your password

Lösenordet är för svagt
Password too weak

Ange önskat lösenord
Enter the desired password

Bekräfta lösenord
Confirm password


Obligatoriskt fält
Mandatory field

Question: How do I activate my user account?
Answer: After registration, an e mail will be sent to you from ekontoservice@tillvaxtverket.se. Click on the link in this message to activate your user account.

Reset password

Question: How do I reset a password?
Answer: There is unfortunately no english translations in the account management.

Do this:
1. Go to: https://grieg.tillvaxtverket.se/e-id/resetPassword

2. Fill in your registered e-mail address (Epost).

3. Submit (button: Återställ lösenord).

4. Close the browser window or tab.

5. An e-mail will be delivered to the address from ekontoservice@tillvaxtverket.se.

6. Klick/follow the link i the message.

7. Fill in a new password in the field Nytt lösenord and repeat the same new password in the field Bekräfta lösenord.

8. Close all web browser windows or tabs.

9. Go to: https://www.minansokan.se/tvv_nyps_web/public/login.xhtml?lang=en

10. Log in with your e-mail address and new password.

Accessibility and security

Question: Is it safe to store and submitt sensitive information?
Answer: Min ansökan uses a standard for encrypted communication between the application and the underlying system. All information is saved in the Min ansökan is stored in a so-called own space.

Question: Who is responsible for the information stored in applications?
Answer: Min ansökan stores the information in a so-called own space. Before an application is submitted and the status is set to Saved, the informaitionen is owned by the holder of e-ID or a user.

Question: I have an old version of Internet Explorer. Can I use Min ansökan?
Answer: Min ansökan supports modern web browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer most will work but it is recomended to use a newer web browser.

There is unfortunately no english translations in the account management. Do this:

Special support for applications

The following information is targeted to applicants for The Demo Environment programme

Staff at Tillväxtverket will answer questions related to the programme.

For more information please visit our website: https://tillvaxtverket.se/demoenvironment


Contact technical support

Support staff at Tillväxtverket will help you with technical issues.

Fill in the form below. Describe your problem.
Email, category, and description is required.
If you have an Web-ID, specify this in the description.

Answers and solutions
Answers and solutions given normally within two business days.
Support staff may contact you in specific questions.

Processing of personal data

In the management of your support case, Tillväxtverket will use your e-mail address and in some cases your name and phone number. The data will be submitted to Tillväxtverket and other public authorities.

Regarding the principle of public access to official documents, documents, including personal data, which are not work material, are official documents and may be disclosed by request. In some cases, however, data may be classified as confidential and therefore not disclosed.

You are entitled to request information about the personal data being processed, as well as the right to request rectification, transfer of data provided or limiting processing. In some other cases, an individual may have his / her personal data deleted. Such a request is subject to a re-view under applicable legislation. However, documents to be archived according to the legislation of archive (Arkivlagen) cannot be deleted.

Personal information in support is treated as follows:
-General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, Article 6.1 (c) and (e)
-Swedish National Regulation (2009: 145) with instruction for Tillväxtverket 3§ 12p

Do you have questions or want to complain?

If you have any questions about our processing of personal data, or wish to exercise your rights, please contact our data protection officer at dataskyddsombud@tillvaxtverket.se

If you are not satisfied with our processing of personal data, you can contact Datainspektionen (the Swedish Data Protection Authority).

These information can be found in "My Applications"
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